Best French press coffee makers reviews

The French press coffee maker has been the best delightful coffee for a significant long time. The pondering was unexpectedly done by an Italian creator in 1929, it follows right back to France in the mid-nineteenth century.

French press coffee maker uses a way of submersion brewing in which coffee plunges in hot water for several minutes. The resulting flavor is more excessive and more attractive than various other coffee makers. They’re a significant endeavor for all coffee sweethearts, from experts to tenderfoots.

The French press is prudent, limited, and smooth. Whether you use a classic coffee maker or the convenience of a Keurig, you will find the French press too simple to use.

French press produces a little proportion of strong coffee that stays aware of the scent of the beans without devouring them. Besides, if you’re using the model coffee maker or the solace of Keurig, a French press is amazingly easy to use from all of them.

We will give you the 7 best French press coffee maker reviews & instructions, the best budget coffee makers under 100$, and a comparison table that helps you with your final selection.


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What are important things when buying a French press?


when you are a single person with a cup and you’re done, pick the 8oz or 12oz French Press. The larger models of the French press have around 6 cups of coffee and weigh around 50 ounces.


Most French press coffee makers are outfitted with stainless steel or glass decanters, ceramic and plastic models moreover can be found accessible.

Borosilicate glass can withstand high temperatures, yet will regardless crumble if not dealt with carefully. Stainless steel is portrayed by its fortitude. The twofold and triple wall of stainless steel holds the coffee hot as compared to glass.


The French press with stainless steel parts since it’s a dishwasher-safe material and doesn’t acclimatize oils and the smell of coffee.


A  three-layer filter made of stainless steel fine mesh is present in a French press. The filters are fitted in such a way that coffee grounds don’t mix in the coffee. It is the best part of the French press coffee machine.

How to check the French press?

We can check French press conditions for essential use and execution, first using the manufacturer’s brew instructions and then differentiating it with our own recipe to check the taste and proportion of coffee. We expect the convenience of foundation, immersion, bundling, and cleaning of every coffee machine.

We measure how well the French press maintains its temperature after half-hour use, and also check how filtered coffee is made by French Press. The best French press coffee makers are easy to use, washed easily, and offered splendid taste without leaving any sediment. The French press has a reputation for fancy coffee brewing methods, like espresso or drip coffee.

Comparison: Best French Press Coffee Maker

1KONA French Press Coffee MakerKONA French Press5 / 5Stainless Steel, Extra Thick Borosilicate GlassIdylcHomes KONA size 34 oz, 8cups30$

2Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee MakerBodum Brazil French Press 5 / 5Stainless Steel, Glass, PlasticBodum1Pounds


3Secura French Press 5 / 518/10 SteelSecura2.4Pounds25.97$

4Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee and Tea MakerBodum Chambord French Press 5 / 5Stainless Steel, Glass, PlasticBodum0.35Liters capacity25.94$

5Sterling Pro French Press Coffee MakerSterling Pro French Press 5 / 5Stainless Steel
Sterling Pro


6Frieling French Press Coffee MakerFrieling French Press4.5 / 5PolishedFrieling

7Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee MakerKitchen Supreme5 / 5Clear-cut Stainless Steel, Borosilicate GlassKitchen Supreme1.8Pounds27.97$

Best French Press Coffee Makers Reviews: Best Coffee Maker Under 100 Dollars

#1: KONA French Press Coffee Maker: Best Cheap Coffee Maker

The Kona’s best French Press Coffee makers offer an insulated outer layer that prevents dent, scrap, and breaking. In comparison to the glass body of the Kona French press with others, it’s more durable and easy to use & take away anywhere.
Kona French press is an amazing top decision with positive reviews. Since the purchasers are well debilitated that it’s beautifully designed, easy to wash and clean, and brews a delicious coffee. It’s available in a 10 or 34-ounce options, with a dishwasher safe. It can also be used to make cold-brew coffee.

Pros and Cons of Kona French Press Coffee Maker


  • Affordable
  • Protective outer wall
  • Lightweight design
  • Design for comfort & efficiency


  • Only 2 size option
  • Some grounds leaks through the filter

KONA French Press Coffee Maker


Key features of Best Kona French Press Coffee Maker
  • Material Stainless Steel, Extra Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Brand KONA
  • Color Black
  • Human Interface Buttons
  • Item capacity 1liter

#2: Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker: Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollars

Bodum French press coffee maker is an excellent coffee maker with the lowest cost. This model is made up of borosilicate glass, has a handle for use, and is heat resistant. It is made up of stainless steel body and has a mesh filter.

All parts of this French press are dishwasher safe. Bodum makes 34 ounces of coffee and can make coffee for the whole family, even can make a second shift for the party. Bodum  French press maker makes the best taste coffee than any other coffee machine. Its price is very economical as compared to others.

Pros and Cons of Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker


  • Affordable
  • classy design
  • Different range sizes and finishes


  • Some grounds leaks in the cup
  • The outer frame slightly slips
  • The plunger can be shaky

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker


Key features of Best Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker
  • Material Stainless Steel, Glass, Plastic
  • Brand Bodum
  • Color Black
  • Human Interface Buttons
  • Item weight 1 pound
  • Item capacity 2.1pounds

#3: Secura French Press Coffee Maker: Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollars


Secura French Press coffee maker is a double-wall, stainless steel body with three layers. This French press is more latest modern in shape & design than other coffee makers. It is available in different sizes and attractive colors.

Secura is easy to use, durable heat retention features. It maintains coffee warm for one hour. Many customers give it the best ranking of five stars. It is available in a non-transparent stainless steel body with a long handle for easy use up.

  • Secura stainless steel French Press coffee maker is made from the best quality 18/10 stainless steel, best rate and ratio in market, both the interior and exterior. It is made of modern design and shapes than other coffee makers
  • 3-LAYERED STAINLESS STEEL FILTER STRUCTURE traps the little one coffee grounds to produce an exceptional full-bodied flavor.
  • BONUS Stainless Steel Screen included with this French coffee press. The filter screen is easy to use and clean. Stacking one or more screens together gives your coffee espresso a more refined taste.
  • Secura French press maker comes with a comfortable touch handle and knob-safe pouring.
  • The capacity of the Secura Stainless-steel French coffee press is 34 Ounces/ 1000ML. All the parts of this French coffee maker are Dishewaher safer.

Secura French Press Coffee Maker


Pros and Cons of Secura French Press Coffee Maker


  • Heat retention for 1 hour
  • classy design
  • Durable and easy to use


  • Coffee level not visible
  • Some scratching sound when pressing the plunger
Key Feature of Secura French Press Coffee Maker
  • Material 18/20 steel
  • Brand Secura
  • Color Silver
  • Item capacity 1liter
  • Item weight 2.4 pounds

#4: Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

Bodum makes much the best French press coffee machines but Chambord is one of the best makers. Bodum makes the Chambord in the 1930s and since that time this model did not change because coffee lovers love this model. It is made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass and has a beautiful plastic handle to pick.

The Chambord has a size from 12 ounces to 51 ounces. It’s available in different design and its look stylish in the kitchen. Bodum is an excellent and top choice for French coffee lovers. It can be used to make cold coffee. For making a coffee simply place coffee beans, and cold water put them in the freezer, and get them for 12 to 24 hours.

Overview of this item:

  • CHAMBORD French press brews a cup of coffee within 4 minutes, simply add course ground coffee, hot water, and press
  • COFFEE CARAFE: It is made up of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a BPA-free plastic handle and base, it is easy to use and easy to clean. Borosilicate glass will not break in case of a sudden temperature change.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: It has a 3-part stainless steel body that has a mesh filter that helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors other than a paper filter.
  • MAXIMUM FLAVOR: Bodum coffee extracts the perfect amount of essential oils and acids from the coffee bean for maximum flavor.
  • SERVINGS: This premium French press coffee maker makes 3 cups of coffee, 4oz each, & has a dishwasher safer.

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee and Tea Maker


Pros and Cons of Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

  • Affordable price
  • Simple & attractive design
  • Different sizes & colors are available


  • Some durability issue
  • Glass unprotected
Key Feature of Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker
  • Material Stainless steel, Glass, Plastic
  • Brand Bodum
  • Color Chrome
  • Human interface input Buttons
  • Item capacity 0.35liter

#5: Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker: Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollars

SterlingPro French press coffee maker is made up of stainless steel body, curved design, and mirror finishing giving a beautiful attractive look for customers. SterlingPro is a large French press coffee maker than others. Its holding capacity is 34 ounces which are best for both one or couple families.

Sterling pro has a double stainless steel wall that keeps the coffee temperature hot while the outer pick remains cool. It has dishwasher safe, dual-screen filter, and is also guaranty for repair or replacement. It is recommended as the best choice for coffee lovers. Sterling Pro also be used to make a cold-brew coffee.

Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker


Review about this item:

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The sterling pro-French press coffee maker has an innovative & best design. It has two-screen systems, the first screen system brushes the wall tightly and the second screen system catches the small ground that pass to the first screen. The makes your coffee 100 % free of ground.
  • DOUBLEWALL 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL: This French press has a double-wall 18/10 stainless steel body, no plastic. The stainless steel body keeps the coffee hot.
  • RUST RESISTANT & DISHWASHER SAFE: This stainless steel is sturdier, easier to clean, and less likely to break than other glass french presses. It’s the best choice for coffee lovers. It has a dishwasher-safe and rust-resistant steel body.
  •  MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Other than making coffee, it is also the best appliance to make tea, hot chocolate, cold brew, frothed milk, almond milk, cashew milk, lemonade, fruit infusions, plant tinctures, and herbal drinks as it fully maintains the flavors.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: It is the best French press coffee maker 2023 gift for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and all coffee/tea lovers. Two bonus pieces of stainless steel screens (over $25 in cost) are included with each purchase while quantities last.
Key Feature of Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Brand SterlingPro
  • Color Stainless steel
  • Human interface input Buttons, Touchscreen
  • Item capacity 1liter &1.5

#6: Frieling French Press Coffee Maker: Best Coffee Maker Under 100 Dollars

Frieling French press coffee maker is stainless steel with an ideal show, with a full-length handle that works with lifting and pouring. it’s a two-stage filter, including a pre-filter that filters a large number of coffee beans and a second mesh filter to discard residue.

The model is molded of 18/10 stainless steel with a double wall that stores heat about fourfold more extremely than other French presses, all together that it can even be used as a serving carafe on the table. We endeavored the French Frieling Press coffee maker ourselves and found that it genuinely keeps your coffee more boiling than the glass models.

The item pundit moreover saw that stainless steel “is more strong and can not break like glass”. the sole disadvantage is that you fundamentally can’t see through the carafe to look out to what degree coffee is left. The model is easily disassembled and dishwasher-safe. Frieling Frech press reviewer added that “it didn’t require enough time to disassemble which it had been “a breeze to reassemble”.

Frieling makes the best dazzling French Press from stainless steel, which recommends that it’s non-toxic, dishwasher safe and in every practical sense, bears longer than your traditional coffee machine.

Freiling double stainless steel walls keep your coffee warm for a critical time frame outline, fourfold more than glass. This first-class French sort is out there in five sizes, from 8 ounces to 44 ounces.

Frieling French Press Coffee Maker


Pros and Cons of Best Frieling French Press Coffee Maker

  • Attractive beautiful design
  • Heat retention capability
  • Easy and durable to use
  • Best coffee flavors


  • Some expensive
  • some heavier weight as compared to other models

Review about this item:

  • DUAL SCREEN WITH ZERO SEDIMENT FILTER: dual screen with zero percent grounds beans in the coffee
  • DOUBLE-WALLED DESIGN: beautiful double-wall design
  • ELEVATED COFFEE EXPERIENCE: best among reviews and selection from coffee lovers
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Put 2 tbsp. of ground coffee to the French press for each cup of water you wish to brew. Adjust some amount of coffee. Pour water that is slightly cooler than boiling into your French press. Mix, and cover with the lid. Give it  4 minutes to brew, stir again, and your coffee is ready to drink.
  • FRIELING: Since 1988: years a best attractive design 
Key Feature of Frieling French Press Coffee Maker
  • Material Polished
  • Brand Frieling
  • Color Polished
  • Human interface input, Touchscreen
  • Item capacity 1.1pounds
  • Item weight 2.1pounds

#7: Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker: Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollars

Kitchen supreme French press coffee maker is German-made, stainless steel body, and shock resistive glass. It is the best choice for coffee lovers. Its borosilicate glass is one of the best glasses which maintains the temperature.

Kitchen supreme has a screen for four filters that prevent the coffee grounds in the coffee. It can brew 8 cups of coffee which are best for party and family use. This model is passed 50 more quality inspections, so it’s recommended as the best choice for coffee lovers. It can also be used for making cold brew coffee.

Review about this item:

  • PLASTIC FREE FRENCH PRESS: stainless steel body
  • GERMAN BOROSILICATE GLASS: One of the best glasses for heat resistance and maintaining temperature

Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker


Key Feature of Best Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker
  • Material Clear-cut Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant German Borosilicate Glass
  • Brand Kitchen Supreme
  • Color Stainless Steel
  • Item capacity 34 fluids ounce
  • Item weight 1.8pounds

Buyer Guide: How to choose the best French Press Coffee Maker

 1- Types of French press

  • Glass Made: Glass-made French Press is the transcendent well-known French variety, it’s similarly the most commonsense. Another advantage of glass is its lightweight and thus the ability to realize what degree coffee is left in it. Many French presses also are dishwasher safe, which speeds up the cleaning connection. They can break early, so don’t mix them in with a metal spoon while getting ready for coffee.
  • Stainless Steel:  Stainless steel is the second most famous & best type of French press coffee maker. They’re costlier than glass (some cost more than $ 100) anyway but enjoy many benefits, including heat retention and strength. Most of them also are inside the dishwasher. Concerning the design, you’ll pick commendable silver steel or find a spread of any bold color. The last thing to stay as the main concern is that stainless steel is routinely heavily lifted, So in case, you wanna lightweight, pick a glass made.
  • Portable: Surely, there are portable French presses available. These little devices appear like travel mugs, they have a filter and unclogger inside to shape delicious coffee. They’re ordinarily created by utilizing stainless steel, so you can put them in a bag easily when camping out or journeying. Use portable French presses for private use rather than family presses. Nevertheless, what is the better part about it? They’re even available at a low price compared to the regular French press.

2- Brands / Manufacturers

  • Bodum: Bodum is the best brand to grasp if you should look for a French press coffee maker. Set up in 1944, this brand makes a wide scope of coffee products, from grinders to milk frothers, this is generally famous for its best budget. Many start at $10. A couple of various brands offer a good variety that Bodum offers. Bodum French press produces different sorts of French presses, from glass and stainless steel presses to travel presses. The sleek Chambord is the best & hot choice in 2021, yet Brazil, Eileen, and Colombia similarly merit considering.
  • Frieling: Frieling was set up in 1988 and may be an eminent American producer of top-quality kitchens. the boss’s well-known French brand – just called Frieling French Press – is formed of heavy tough stainless steel and is out there in a couple of sizes. the remainder of the all-out glass of Aroma French Press and hence the amazingly arranged Perfetto French Press.
  • Le Creuset: This French brand has for quite a while been known for its splendid molded iron flatware. for just about 100 years, Le Creuset has been making everything from Dutch pots and grills, in all honesty for the French press. It has relatively little choice, yet the main famous French press stands separated from the remainder of the market. Le Creuset Stoneware French Press may be a decision of top quality solid completion and is out there in 10 particular colors.

How To Make  French Press Coffee for One or Family Serving?

Making your first pot of French press coffee can be frightening, so here’s a fast and direct manual to support making the best French Press espresso.

  • In any case, start with coarsely ground coffee.
  • Second, grind soo finely that coffee silt should be at the lower part of your cup.
  • Third, take around 1 tablespoon of soil for each 3-4 ounces of water you propose to use.
  • Fourth, after the water has been warmed to 195-205 degrees, steadily and slowly pour over the coffee grounds, then blend.
  • Finally, mix the coffee for somewhere around four minutes. Various experts urge you to go fundamentally more to extract more beans. That is! So make a dive, drop and flourish in.

How to Clean & Assemble a French Press Coffee Maker?

Regardless, after you’ve finished your coffee, the French Press should be cleaned after every usage. Here are the guidelines on how to clean your French Press coffee maker to get a delicious coffee taste and make it work smoothly.

  • Ist of all remove the plunger from your French Press coffee machine
  • second, fill it with warm water half & wash it with water so that the coffee grounds are removed from the bottom
  • Third, put the mesh filter over the sink, drop all contents of Frech press coffee & drop the mesh full of coffee contents into waste.
  • Fourth add some dish soap, and warm water and fix the plunger back into it
  • Shake it a few times so that oil and coffee stains are removed easily
  • You can use baking soda and brush to remove all residues and stains
  • Wash well and dry it with a cloth

Many French Press coffee makers have a dishwasher safer, it is relatively for those who have a short time to clean French but have a risk of breaking glass.


Frequently Asked QUESTIONS (FAQs): About The Best French Press Cofee Maker

Q: What is the best brand for a French press?

      Top French Press Coffee Makers at a Glance
  • Best Stainless Steel: Frieling French Press.
  • Best Glass: Bodum Chambord French Press.
  • Best extra thick & Glass: Kona French Press.
  • Best Value: Secura Stainless Steel French Press.
  • Best double wall & stainless steel: SterlingPRo French Press.
  • Best affordable: Bodum brazil French press
  • Best German-made: Kitchen Supreme French press coffee maker

Q: What are the best French coffee Beans?

     The 5 Best French Coffee Beans
  • Best Overall:_Volcanica French Roast Coffee Beans
  • Lion Coffee French Roast.
  • San Francisco Bay French-Roast Coffee Cups.
  • For Keurig Lovers:_Solimo French Roast Coffee Pods
  • Best Ground Pick:_Peet’s Coffee French Roast

Q: Does French press coffee affect cholesterol?

According to research, drinking five cups of coffee daily over 4 weeks from a French press brewing method can high blood cholesterol levels by 6 to 8 percent. Cafestol and kahweol have research that they use to prevent cancer or liver damage.

Q: Can I use regular coffee in a French press?

You can use any bean in a French press. However, most coffee makers suggest a medium or dark-roasted bean, because these roasts retain the most oils, leading to the best taste and more flavorful brew.

Q: Is the French press any good?

Many people believe the French press makes the best coffee makers. A French press doesn’t submerge flavor nor add parts of coffee grounds in the coffee that permeate flavor. A French press allows for soak-up, When you get a good cup of tea, you use bulk tea that steeps for several minutes depending on the type of tea

Q: Why does the French press need coarse grind?

The French press coffee maker uses an immersion method of brewing, which means that the beans extract for a long time than in other methods. Due to this, we usually use a coarser grind to slow extraction and avoid over-extraction.

Q: What is the coffee-to-water ratio for the French press?

The general standard for all coffee makers is 1-2 Tbsp of coffee for every 6 oz of water. For the French press coffee, use 2 Tbsp per 6 oz of water. while automatic coffee brewers, tend to produce a desirable brew when using as little as 1 Tbsp per 6 oz of water.

Q: What is the biggest size French press?

SterlingPro Stainless Steel is a Large French Press coffee maker. SterlingPro is the master king amongst French presses. It holds a 1.75-liter, capacity. You can make 11 cups of coffee or 6 coffee mugs.

Q: Can I use a French Press for cold brew?

yes, a French press coffee maker can be used for making cold brews. For this put the coffee grounds in the base of your French Press and cover it with cold water. Don’t push down your French Press plunger, and put your French Press in a cold, dark place for 12-15 hours (or in a refrigerator). Then, push down your plunger and pour over the ice

Q: Is the French press stronger than the drip?

No. The flavors in the coffee tend to be stronger because the stainless steel mesh doesn’t filter out the fine particles or the natural oils. Drip coffee filters out both oils and fines, which give a cleaner taste that can seem milder.

Q: Is French press coffee less acidic?

Yes less acidic, because it more coarsely ground the beans, the less acid they’ll secrete into the water. If you use milk or cream in your coffee, that’s the best way to dilute the acidity of your drink.

Q: What is an Espro French Press?

 ESPRO’s Travel French Press is a double micro-filter machine that eliminates hard coarse-grained from your coffee for your smoothest cup on the go, and the mug fits right in a car cup holder or bike’s water bottle cage. Espro has different models like Espro P3, Espro P5, Espro P6, and Espro P7.

 Q: Why is French press coffee better than Reddit?

You will prefer a French press coffee maker over another because you enjoy a full-bodied cup that retains more of the coffee’s natural oils and emphasizes the deeper notes. A French press coffee maker also requires less attention than most pour-over brewers.

The Bottom Line

I hope this article will help you to final select your best French Press Coffee maker. We have given the best 7 French Press Coffee Machine reviews of 2023. No matter which coffee maker you choose, make sure that you are buying one after extensive research about the features and specifications.

With the array of options for the best French Press coffee makers ratio, it’s easy to get targeted your choice. It’s essential to note down your needs and your budget and go through the buyer’s guide carefully. After you’re done with that, it’s easy for you for a final selection.

I also write a fully detailed review on Best Iced Coffee Maker you may check.

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